Conveyor Chain

Conveyor Chain

At Anant Engineering, we take pride in crafting conveyor chains that are tailored to meet your specific needs. Our conveyor chains are meticulously designed and manufactured with utmost precision. Whether you require chains with attachments or without, we have you covered.

Our attachment conveyor chains are specially engineered to provide superior strength and durability. Through meticulous staking or riveting techniques, we ensure that each attachment is securely fastened, guaranteeing reliable performance even in the most demanding applications. At Anant Engineering, we prioritize customer satisfaction, which is why we are committed to delivering conveyor chains of the highest quality.

In addition to our standard conveyor chains, we also offer long pitch forged link chains and custom manufactured forged chains. These chains are widely utilized across various industries, including mining, wastewater management, cement transport, lumber, grain handling, and more. When it comes to forged link chains, we start the manufacturing process by carefully selecting premium alloys of steel. These materials undergo a meticulous casting process to form the links, followed by precise heat treatment and thorough quality inspection to ensure optimal performance and longevity.

Choose Anant Engineering for your conveyor chain needs and experience the reliability and excellence that our products deliver. We are dedicated to providing you with outstanding solutions that meet and exceed your expectations.


Material CS/ MS/ SS/ EN
Attachment Type K1/ K2/ M1/ M2, One side or both side
Application Conveying System
HSN Code 73151100