Converyor Pulley

Converyor Pulley

The Drive Pulley, also known as the Head Pulley, is an essential component responsible for propelling the conveyor belt forward. Typically, the Conveyor Head Pulley is securely mounted in external type bearings and driven by a motor and reducer system. It offers versatility with options for flat-faced or crowned designs, and to enhance performance, we also offer rubber lagging solutions to minimize belt slippage.

At Anant Engineering, we prioritize durability and longevity in the construction of our Conveyor Head Pulleys. These pulleys are meticulously crafted from a robust combination of steel and rubber materials, specifically designed to withstand heavy-duty operations..

Return/Tail Pulleys play a crucial role in redirecting the conveyor belt towards the drive pulley. They can be equipped with internal bearings or mounted in external bearings, typically positioned at the end of the conveyor belt. Conveyor Tail Pulleys often serve as Take-Up pulleys, maintaining optimal tension on the belt.

The Tail Pulley, a vital component of the belt conveyor system, is well-suited for conveyor machinery. Its primary function is to facilitate the change in the running direction of the conveyor belt.

At Anant Engineering, we offer precise static and dynamic balancing services for conveyor pulleys. Our advanced balancing techniques ensure high accuracy, enabling compliance with specifications required for applications involving fast-turning conveyor pulleys.


Material MS, Natural Rubber Lagging
Size Diameter 100 to 600, Length 100 to 200mm
Application Converyor System
HSN Code 84834000
Certification Material & Balancing