Converyor Roller

Converyor Roller

Anant Engineering has been manufacturing Conveyor Rollers & during the course of experience, necessary development has been made to offer the most reliable & well- designed rollers & idlers for bulk material handling systems.

We can manufacture Conveyor Rollers for the perfect solution for conveyor needs. With a diameter of 30mm to 100mm and length of 50mm to 600mm, these rollers are built to last. Whether you're moving heavy-duty equipment or light packages, these Rollers will keep your conveyor system running smoothly.

Anant Engineering’s conveyor impact rollers are manufactured in different varieties like they can be rubber lined, rubber rings and rubber coated conveyor impact roller. We also have many different size conveyor rollers and also can make rollers as per client’s requirement.


Material MS
Type Impact Rollers, Return Rollers, Idler Rollers
Size Diameter 30mm to 100mm, Length 50mm to 600mm
Application Converyor System
HSN Code 84835090