Keyless Coupling


Keyless couplings also known as Locking assembly, Anant engineering Locking Assemblies are friction-locked shaft-hub connections manufactured to the highest quality standards with Simple and quick assembly and disassembly, complete freedom from maintenance and wear, absolutely backlash-free power transmission. They are suitable for the precise fastening of all types of hubs, e.g. toothed gears, running wheels and chain sprockets, levers, cam discs, belt and brake discs, slip-on gears, couplings or flanges, on shafts and axles. By tightening the clamping screws, inner and outer rings press themselves onto the contact surfaces of the components to be connected, thus creating a friction-fit press connection. This allows not only the highest torques but also axial and radial as well as bending loads to be transmitted reliably. Shaft and hub are ungrooved, so that there is no weakening of these components. Shaft and hub can be designed to be considerably smaller (light, cost and space-saving design possible).

ANANT ENGINEERING locking assemblies are available to clients in various standard designs and sizes as well as customised special solutions.


Material MS, EN8, CI
Application Power Transmission
Surface Treatment Grinding, Heat Treatment
HSN Code 8483